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just going through some old writings on :iconlady-riddle:[apparently my literary account] and i found this .God's.Breath.2."You're beautiful in your death-kissed skin and bloody, rose lips. I should have bashed your skull in sooner if I would have known how much more I desire you when your flapping hole is silenced for an eternity. No man needs a soft, warm, FIGHTING</strong> body under him; a freezing, stiff corpse is just perfect for me."
~Alexander Nicoles

my god, i was fucked up. why does no one remind me of this?!?!!! this is good! [if a little... mental] i've been reading a lot of sherlock holmes lately and i can't help but think how awesome it'd be with a twist of dark, sadistic, kinky sex involved. i've read some awesome things i've written and i've read some shockingly bad things i've written. i miss writing things, i miss finishing something i've written [or even pixeled, sewed, molded, crocheted] i think if i can finish something i'll be happier.
not that being a mommy to indiana jones isn't amazing and i love my boobie monger, i miss being me. i forgot about the kinky goth chick that would squeal over someone's head being blown up in an anime [really love elfin lied] or playing with a razor blade for absolutely no reason whatsoever. i know i've got responsibilities now, but if i could get even the smallest part of me back, i could adjust.
so would ya'll be so kind as to give me some writing prompts or random inspirations to help me get the ball rolling again? and hopefully when abs is older she won't be embarrassed with how creepy her mom is. :D [might not be a bad thing if i don't like the boyfriend she's picked...]

loves you!!!!!!!!!!!

~Sam xxx

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Samantha Rausch
United States
Current Age: 20, Current Residence: nothingness, Favourite genre of music: hard rock/ metal, MP3 player of choice: Phillips, Favourite cartoon character: Tigger, Personal Quote: Im just a little lolita...dont you wanna play?

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